The aim of my jewelry business is to provide attractive, unusual, colorful, wearable and affordable accessories for the working woman, or the stay-at-home-mother or as a gift. My jewelry is not made with silver and gold materials. I could buy and use them but I would have to charge quite a bit more and would not be able to provide the large variety of jewelry that is currently available from my 2 shops, at and my own online shop,
When I shop for materials I look for the unusual, either in color or design. I want my finished product to be one-of-a-kind and different in shape, color or design. I have never repeated a piece for the simple reason that I don’t buy the same beads a second time. Sometimes my purchase comes in an amount that allows me to make more than one piece, but the design of each is different.
I actually don’t see the finished product in my mind when I purchase the beads. I see the color or the shape and know that it will come together with what else I buy or what I already have when I put them out on my working table. Sometimes I imagine who will be buying my creation as I’m making it. Will she be an executive, a waitress, maybe a mother who spends her day making a good home and children happy or any number of women who just want original designed jewelry?
Because I like beautiful colors I look for them in other items than just jewelry. I have made booties for babies and crocheted afghans or embroidered pillows for my children and grandchildren and personalized wedding gifts for the children of friends. I used to sew all my own clothes, hence making jewelry to match was obvious. I made clothing for my children and my husband until his death.
When I began working for a living I no longer had time for these creative projects and they ended. Now I buy the clothes I need. And I can always find a piece of jewelry in my vast inventory to go with whatever I choose to wear.
Now that I am retired I have re-entered my jewelry making vocation. I had some materials to re-start and then found online shops as well as neighborhood shops that sold supplies. But I got carried away. I have more supplies than I can ever use. I have several finished pieces that are ready to have their pictures taken so that they can be shown to the public, as well as ideas for new pieces with the materials I have.
I like to give little advantages to a purchase. Therefore each necklace I sell is shipped in an organza pouch, just for protection, or if you want to give it as a gift, and shipped free of charge to US customers. My shipping is usually next day.
I hope this gives you an idea of what my business life is like. I am always busy with one thing or another. Aren’t we all? And I hope that never changes.
Look for me on Amazon in about a month. I have applied for a spot in their new section for handmade items. Looking forward to being there.
I’d love to hear from you.
Mizmlu in sunny California

Mother’s Day is coming soon!

Have you been thinking about a present for your Mother on Mother’s Day? You should. It’s not that far off. Shoppers will be crowding the stores looking for that perfect gift. Here’s an idea. Give her a piece of jewelry in her favorite color from one of  my  two shops. It’s not expensive, and shipping is free in the US. And you’re covered. You can now shop for something meaningful for her special day. But every time she wears the necklace you gave her she will think of you.  Isn’t that what you want?  Find just the right style, and the right color at or for a larger selection.

Shipping notes:  All shipping from Etsy to US locations is free.  International shipping is at USPS rates.  Jewelry A’la Mode shipping is free in the US for items of more than $10.  Lower priced items are shipped at USPS rates.  International shipping for all items is at USPS rates.  No charge for handling.

All About Mizmlu’s Jewelry Shops

My jewelry shopsNecklace-Bag5 (16)

I’m continually aware of how much competition there is out there for jewelry. I am banging my head against a wall of talented artisans doing the same thing as I do. I would like to think that I have a little bit of an edge. I have 2 shops. Etsy and Jewelry ala Mode.

My jewelry is hand made with a large variety of colors and styles and prices. I create all the jewelry, all are original, one of a kind designs and especially in my jewelry ala mode shop the prices are affordable. I do not charge for US shipping in my Etsy shop. Each necklace and bracelet is packaged in an organza pouch. Shipping is free in Jewelry ala Mode for all sales in the US over $10. Sales of less than $10 are charged at USPS rates. International sales are at USPS rates. I do not charge for handling, ever.
There are lots of choices in my 2 shops. Etsy has the latest pieces I have just created and has about 40 items, not all jewelry. My other shop, jewelryalamode, is a much larger shop, with over 100 items, in every color and style under the sun. If you are looking for a special color, just find one of that color, and click on the color in the tags list. You will see all the pieces of that color pop up for your choice.
Jewelry ala mode pieces are bargain priced, marked down from the Etsy price. They range from a low of $5 to a high of about $20. Most are about $10-15. One special vintage piece is genuine topaz gems set in gold and includes earrings. My late husband purchased this for me more than 40 years ago, but I no longer wear it. I feel someone else should enjoy the beauty. It comes in the original box and will cost more than the others. But it’s special.
I would love to know how you feel about the jewelry I love to create. Can I help you in any way? A gift perhaps? A special color to go with that new outfit? Just something to perk you up? A unique color or style not found anywhere else? You can reach me at Talk to me.
I list new Etsy items about twice a month at and at as they become available. I just listed 9 new items yesterday on jewelry ala mode and I will be listing new items on Etsy soon. Maybe today. Come visit one or both shops. Perhaps you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for.

Vintage Shop found

In my search for Etsy help and information I came across this lovely shop, AnnsWhimsey.  This lady has collected a HUGE variety of vintage items as seen in the paragraph below.  Right now she has a large collection of Halloween items, but if you are into vintage pieces this is THE PLACE!  She has two shops.  The first is AnnsWhimsey and has the most items.  The second is AnnsPaperWhimsey.  Check out both of them for great items.

“Vintage and retired rubber stamps! Digital Collage Sheets! Ephemera, antiques, books galore! Vintage purses, vintage jewelry, linens, hankies, pillows, digital tags, scrapbooking supplies, gift bags, sports items. And I also have a second shop full of paper (you’ll find some here to). Please visit me at the following links: “

While you’re on Etsy check out my shop for Vintage items and handcrafted jewelry.  It’s at  Thanks.

Bead Shopping Downtown

Yesterday my daughter and a friend and I went to the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles to shop for beads.  There were 10 bead shops within a 2 block area to visit and we went to almost every one.  This was a pleasurable ordeal for me.  It was hot, I am not able to walk or stand for long periods of time and each store had so many choices I had to look at everything.

I am an old lady and I warned my daughter that I might have problems.  I was right.  I had purchased a cane with a seat so that I could sit when my back gave out, but as the morning passed it became more and more difficult for me to endure it.  I was determined to make it through the visit because I knew I only had one chance to do this and wanted to make it worthwhile.

The bottom line is that all 3 of us were pleased with what we found and what we bought.  The friend does not do beading, but she found some gorgeous bracelets and some other items.  My daughter bought enough materials to make dozens of jewelry pieces and I found the items I was looking for as well as some beautiful unusual beads and a gold chain that is absolutely lovely.  I can’t wait to get started on making them into necklaces and earrings.  Among us we purchased well over 100 items and together spent over $163.  Some items were only $1-2 so how could we pass them up?

I managed to get through the day in spite of the back pain, the heat and the fatigue.  And we are planning another trip in the next month or so because we missed one special place and didn’t have enough time in one other.

I’m so happy that my daughter, Circe, has joined me in my jewelry making enterprise because I could not have done that trip alone.  Her jewelry is not like mine at all.  She uses a lot of natural materials as well as colorful designs and ribbon.  So look for our new pieces on my Etsy shop in the future.  I will post the date here when I list the new designs