Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, the second Sunday in May.  Don’t forget to show your love with a little something to please her.  My Etsy shop is loaded with lovely jewelry at reasonable prices.  I’m sure you will find something there and it can be shipped at no cost in time for the big day.  I’m offering a 10% discount for anything purchased by May 1.

Use promo MOTHER.

Love your dog? Show it.

Charms for your dog

My daughter, JP, suggested I make a collar tag for dogs to show in my Etsy shop.  She said people love to buy things for their dogs.  So I did it.  In fact, I made 2.  It was fun for me because I hadn’t done anything like that and I had to come up with something that would be waterproof and sturdy, but attractive.  They have charms on a chain that clips to the collar.  You can see what they look like on my Etsy shop at

On The Radio!

Last night I participated in a live radio show!   I can’t believe it.  It was a promo for Talk Fusion which is a video program designed to help people promote their business or to communicate with family and friends.  It really is a great program that everyone should take advantage of.  But I am an introvert and being interviewed on live radio was unbelievably stressful.


My daughter Circe, was part of the show and asked me questions about how I got started, how I used it, and so forth.  She had prepared the questions in advance so I was supposed to be ready.  Even so, I was nervous.  I am not good at public speaking, and to top it off there was some static on the phone line and there was a chance that the whole program would be cancelled.  But it went on.


They said I did good.  That was nice of them.  I highly recommend Talk Fusion,  and think that anyone who has a business should check it out.  It is a very personal way to contact customers, thank them for their business, converse with family and friends and much, much more.  It is very easy to set up and if an 84 year old introvert can do it, so can you.  If you would like to see my video send me an email at and I will show you how great it is.  You even get a picture of me.

If you want to listen to that radio show click here.


Andy Rooney

Commentator Andy Rooney died last Friday night at the age of 92.   I watched his retirement appearance a few weeks ago and was saddened by the fact that he would not be on “60 minutes” any more.   I thought that was  the best part of the show many times and looked forward to it.   He often commented on things I agreed with.   His opinions were right more often than not, but he was always interesting and made me think.

He was one of the lucky ones in life having done what he wanted to do and did it well.  He was able to reach out to try to change the wrongs that he saw.  He had an adventuresome life, a long, 62 year marriage and a satisfying career.  I will miss him.  No one can replace him.

Google has a long obituary today on his life and accomplishments as well as comments from his friends and associates.  I recommend reading it.