Just a Little Advice

dog-1713341_640Whenever you make a purchase take a look at the bottom of the receipt, or the back, for the return conditions.  Many stores have a short period of time in which to return the item.

I purchased four 9V batteries a month ago from my local 99c store to replace the fire alarms in my home.  I had to wait for my daughter to come by since I am not able to get up on the ladder to do that.  When she arrived she told me I only needed one battery.  The other alarms were good for a year.  So I decided to return the unused three batteries. I had no other use for them right now. And as I live on my Social Security every penny is needed.

I took them back to the 99c store and was told that the return time had expired. However they would honor it this one time.

When I looked at the sales slip for the items I purchased that day I noticed that the return policy was printed at the very bottom of the slip in tiny letters.  I had 9 days to bring any item back for credit.  NINE days!

I received credit for them in the form of a printed receipt which gave me a store credit for $3.27.  However, I must take the store credit within 9 days.  I had already checked out with my current purchases and wasn’t planning to go back quite that soon, but will, to take the credit.

So, check that receipt! Stores vary and you may have to research their policy.

New Social Security Application Restriction

For all you genealogists out there, I just heard this.  If you order a Social Security application for your ancestor in hopes of finding his parents’ names on it you will be disappointed.  The government, under the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA), decided to extend the restriction of parents’ names to 100 years.  In other words the parents have to have died 100 years before the birth of the applicant.


This restriction was originally imposed for applicants born after 1940 to protect the identity of persons who could be still living.  The new restriction was extended without any announcement.  The cost of this application is currently $29.  So without confirmation of this restriction you could be wasting your money.


It would be wise to contact the Social Security Administration or your local office for  advice.  There was no phone number or email address listed for this office.


Social Security Administration
OEO FOIA Workgroup
300 N. Greene Street
P.O. Box 33022
Baltimore, Maryland 21290-3022