Don’t Eat That Leftover Onion

I recently found an interesting article about the dangers that onions can present when left out, refrigerated or frozen. This information goes all the way back to the Black Plague when many were saved because they had placed onions and garlic around inside their homes. Tests have shown that onions absorb bacteria when not cooked immediately.

Most people are aware that they should not leave potato salad sitting out after a meal for fear that it will spoil. Well, they are right about that, but for the wrong reason. Most think that mayonnaise is the culprit, but it’s not the mayonnaise. It’s the onion and the potatoes. Both attract bacteria. Commercially made mayonnaise is completely safe. In fact it doesn’t even have to be refrigerated, although most of us do.

Refrigerating or freezing cut leftover onions does not remove the danger. It’s already contaminated just by being cut open and left out for a while. This also applies to those onions served with your ballpark hotdog.

Cook your onions as soon as they are cut open.

Next time I get the flu I’m going to test this theory by leaving a cut onion next to my bed and will report here on the results. But don’t hold your breath. I rarely get the flu or even a cold. If someone else wants to test it I’d like to hear about it.

My heart

On my last Doctor’s regular visit he detected a ”change” in my heart rhythm and recommended I see a Cardiologist.   I made the appointment and went as advised.  On that visit he did an examination and noted that there seemed to be a blockage in my left ventricle and scheduled a stress test for me.


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I had that done earlier this week.  I cannot do a stress test on a treadmill because with all the wires hooked up it is difficult for me to get from the treadmill to the examining table fast enough to get a proper reading, so I had a chemical stress.  This requires an injection that increases the heart beat and causes stress.  It only lasted about 5 minutes but was very strange to say the least.  My heart beat very fast, my breath was rapid and my head became rather warm and felt as if it was full of air.  I thought I was going to get a headache, but didn’t.  During the visit there were 5 examinations of my heart, 3 by machine and 2 with a stethoscope.


I saw the Doctor 2 days later and he told me that considering my age, 84, I passed with flying colors.  There was no significant blockage, my heart murmur, which I have had all my life, did not show up, and everything was fine.  I feel relieved that I am OK, but I have to start exercising which I hate.