Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I had my 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren here so it was a small gathering.  My youngest daughter and her daughter are both vegetarians, but my daughter cooked the turkey and brought it.  Delicious!   My oldest daughter brought a cake a friend had made for her which was decorated like a wrapped gift box, ribbon and all.  And it was all edible.  It was almost too beautiful to eat.  But we did.


Then later we played Scrabble and my Jennifer played all her tiles in one play and got 66 points!  It was her game from that point on.  But fun.  My oldest daughter spent her time between plays trying to fix my grandson’s lap computer, but a part was broken and she wasn’t able to get it to work.


My son called from Oregon where he and 10 others in his daughter and son-in-law’s family were having a 21 lb turkey.


Everyone had a great time and I hope your day was just as joyful.  Now we get to look forward to Christmas.


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