Party Time

Now is the time for you to shine at the parties coming up.  Enhance your wardrobe with a fancy bracelet.  You’ll find several at reasonable prices in  Decorative choices feature flowers, jewels, and colorful designs for your fancy.  Shipping is fast at USPS price20134809s. US shipping only.

You’ll see lots of necklaces in all colors and styles there as well  Take a look.

New necklaces in JewelryAlaMode

P1680658Over the last week I have added 25 necklaces to my JewelryAlaMode site for your pleasure. You’ll find them in all different colors and styles. There are fresh water cultured pearls in pink and blue and white, clear glass beads, cloisonné, large and small, casual or dressy, even metal beads. You should be able to find just the right accessory for your activities, whether they are at work, meeting friends, or just wearing something pretty around the house. That last one works for me.
Shipping is free to residents of the US for items costing less than $10 . All others are at the USPS charge. I do ship Internationally, but since the Post Office has a different charge for each country I charge what USPS charges me. And I do not have a handling charge. Each item is packed in an organza pouch to protect the necklace or for gift giving if that is your intent.

Surely you will find something that pleases you or something to go with that special outfit. I’m looking forward to sending it off to you as quickly as possible.

Many thanks for looking in my JewelryAlaMode shop. This will get you there:

New listings on jewelryalamode

ELEVEN!  New listings have just been added to the inventory of jewelryalamode.  You will find many pretty colors and different styles there.  Some of the prices have been reduced enabling you to purchase more than one.  (big smile)

Shipping is free in the US for purchases of more than $10 and all of these are in that category.  International shipping is by USPS rates.

You just may find a Christmas gift for someone you know as well as treating yourself to a gift.  You certainly deserve it.

Find the new listings at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Mother’s Day is coming soon!

Have you been thinking about a present for your Mother on Mother’s Day? You should. It’s not that far off. Shoppers will be crowding the stores looking for that perfect gift. Here’s an idea. Give her a piece of jewelry in her favorite color from one of  my  two shops. It’s not expensive, and shipping is free in the US. And you’re covered. You can now shop for something meaningful for her special day. But every time she wears the necklace you gave her she will think of you.  Isn’t that what you want?  Find just the right style, and the right color at or for a larger selection.

Shipping notes:  All shipping from Etsy to US locations is free.  International shipping is at USPS rates.  Jewelry A’la Mode shipping is free in the US for items of more than $10.  Lower priced items are shipped at USPS rates.  International shipping for all items is at USPS rates.  No charge for handling.

Valentine’s Day coming up

It’s ValentineNecklace-Bag1 (33)’s Day all over the world. Show your love with a one-of-a-kind necklace from Every color under the sun. Over 100 to choose from.  Fast US shipping is free for orders over $10. International shipping is by USPS rate. No handling charges, ever. Pay Pal transaction.  Give us a look-see.

My New Site

Come take a look at what you’ll find for your shopping pleasure in my new necklace shop,  Over 100 choices in size, color, type, cost, for your interest.  If you want a special color just click on the tag for that color and “voila”, up pops a variety of choices in that color.  Prices are reasonable and greatly discounted from original cost.  Shipping is in an organza pouch at no charge for a purchase of more than $10.  All other purchases are at USPS charge, rounded up a little to make it an even $ cost.  I ship from my home so when you order it could ship that day or no later than the following day.  International shipping is based on the USPS charge for that country as countries vary and all International purchases are charged shipping.

I think you will find just the right item for that outfit you just purchased, or to dress up an older piece that needs a boost. Items are suitable for lunch with the girls or a evening out with that special person.  Think of a new necklace as a gift. If needed I could enclosegold variety2 a gift box at a small price.  Come take a look.  There’s a lot to choose from at affordable prices.

Please let me know what you think of my new shop.  My daughter designed it and I love the look of it.  Gathering the many pieces took some time and I would love to hear what you think of my new venture.  You can find my shop at

A New Venture for me

My daughter and I have a new site for your attention. It is “Jewelry A’La Mode” and contains a multitude of necklaces for your pleasure. Many different styles, colors, lengths, and bead types are available. Each is a handmade, one-of-kind, original creation. Click onto and browse to your heart’s content. You will find a picture of each necklace and its price. All prices have been reduced from the original. Some pieces will show the discounted cost. Other information such as length and clasp type is available at the click of your finger on “attributes”. If you need further details I will be happy to converse with you via email at However, prices listed are firm.
Shipping in an organza pouch is free in the US for purchases of more than $10. All other sales will ship at USPS charge, rounded up to the next even $ amount, unless you choose a different shipper. No charge is ever made for handling. Faster shipment is available with USPS additional charges. Contact me for International shipping as countries vary in cost. I will quote you the USPS charge. For all International shipping, your charge will be the USPS charge or whatever shipping choice you make such as Fed Ex or other.
Payment is by Pay Pal. Easy purchase is through the required information when you click on the item.
Another cute little feature of this site is color choices. If you are interested in a red necklace, for example, click on “red” in the tag list and all the red necklaces available will appear. What could be better? However, you might miss a great necklace in a different color that way.  Please come and take a look.
When I finish listing all the necklaces I have available for your choice there will be over 100. So you will have much to choose from. My pleasure was in the making. I hope you find pleasure in the wearing.

Busy Christmas shopping?

It’s not too late! I ship Christmas items USPS free in the US as soon as the order comes in. Come see my Christmas earrings and a gorgeous necklace for a gift or for you to wear during this hectic, but happy time. In case you’ve forgotten, my shop is at I’m looking forward to sending your package. It’ll make my day.Necklace-Bag7 (15)

Merry Christmas!

What is your ZIP code?

use zip codeWe all know what the telephone prefix numbers refer to. The small numbers start on the East coast of the United States and move across the country to the largest numbers on the West coast and Hawaii. But do you know what your Zip Code stands for, or your Social Security Number?

Zip Codes were begun 50 years ago when the Post Office Department began the Zoning Improvement Plan which became necessary in order to deal with an increase in business mail. It was designed to  sort delivery of the mail to specific locations more quickly.

The majority of mail handled by the USPS is rapidly processed by an automatic system which scans the address on the envelope.  It is then directed to the area to be delivered to according to the ZIP number on the envelope.   Your ZIP code is not a random number.  There is a definite order to the 9 digit code.

The first 3 numbers of your digit code refer to your general regional city.
The next 2 numbers are the delivery area post office or neighborhood.
Four more digits were added in 1983.
The first 2 of those indicates a sector or several blocks.
The last 2 are a segment or one side of a street.

At the present time there are 41,810 total zip codes. 538 of those are military.
The average population per ZIP code is 7,348.
California has the most ZIP codes, 2,602, and Rhode Island the least with 90. (America Samoa has 1.)

There is another number which you can use to track your packages.  That is a 22 digit tracking number.  This number appears on the receipt you get when you send a package from your local Post Office.  If you want to track the package go to the USPS web site and enter that number.  You will get a day by day listing of the journey your package is taking.  If you don’t see the tracking number on your receipt ask the clerk for it.

So, if you want your mail delivered promptly and compently, use all 9 ZIP code numbers. It makes the process much more efficient.

I intended to address the procedure by which Social Security numbers are allotted, but I found that it is very, very complicated, due to the many misuses of the cards. The Social Security Department has made many changes since the beginning issue of the first cards. And even now, it is not a standard process. Please follow the link below to read about the story of the Social Security number. It is quite interesting, but too involved to publish here.