Is Your Teenager Ready To Leave Home?

Do you have a teenager in your house?   If the answer is yes, is he or she truly and fully prepared for living on his or her own and dealing with the financial situations with which they will be faced?  Think about it.  Does he already have a credit card?  Does he really understand how to use it wisely?  Is he living far away from you so that you can’t monitor his decisions?  All of these questions are only a part of what you and your teenager need to have answers for BEFORE he leaves home.  Do you know all the answers?

I have addressed all of the above questions as well as much more in my recent Kindle book, “My Money”, available on  It is not expensive.  I priced it to be affordable for most parents as well as their teenagers.

Some of the topics covered for teenagers are:  What do you need for a place of your own, what information is required when hired, how to manage your income, what is Social Security and how it affects you, the Federal Income Tax, savings and why that is important,  budgeting and more, including retirement.  Yes, retirement is in your future and why it should be planned for in the present is necessary and wise.  Telephone numbers and/or online sites are provided for many Government services.

This little book is a guide line for every teenager, and their parents, to read before they leave home.  It makes for a helpful discussion between parents and children and you parents may even learn something you didn’t know.