Thanksgiving Trip

Kevin & me

Kevin and Circe at the levee

My daughter Circe and I just returned from a wonderful 6 day trip to visit my grandson, Kevin, and his girl friend, Trish.  Trish, who is a very successful marketing business owner, paid for our airline tickets and we stayed in her 1893 historic home in Edwardsville, IL.  She has beautifully restored it and filled it with treasured antiques.  She made a delicious meal for Thanksgiving and gave me 2 recipes that I am going to make for Christmas dinner.  (I will post them in a separate listing.)

We visited a quilt and antique exhibition in Edwardsville where I was astonished at the creativity in the beautiful quilts.  The hand stitching was so tiny you could hardly see it and the original designs were truly works of art.

Then Trish and Kevin drove us all over St. Louis, about 16 miles from Edwardsville, to see the places of interest that we had missed on previous visits.  There is a very high levee on the edge of the Mississippi river to prevent flooding.  It’s about a mile long and completely covered with artistic graffiti.  These are not your usual gang related scrawlings.  They were skillfully and imaginatively created by obviously talented artists.  I was mesmerized by the diversity and talent.  The picture of Kevin and I was taken in front of one of these designs.

The meals we had were delicious.  Trish is a terrific cook and we ate well.  We also visited Dewey’s in St. Louis for pizza.  I normally don’t eat much pizza, but we had 2 varieties and I almost couldn’t quit.  They were the best I’ve ever tasted and there’s nothing like Dewey’s in my area.

My grandparents lived in St. Louis and many of my ancestors as well, but not knowing exactly where they had resided we didn’t attempt to locate their homes.  I feel pretty sure that they probably don’t exist anymore, but that is another search that maybe I will make someday.

We really enjoyed spending time with Trish, her amazing son Patrick, and Kevin.  Since we hadn’t seen them for about 2 years there was a lot of conversation.  I’m very grateful to Trish for making our trip possible and her generous hospitality.  Love her.

Kevin, Trish and Patrick