The Best Way to Cure Hiccups

  1.   Plug your Ears.  Sounds silly, I know, but sticking your fingers in your ears could short-circuit the nerve from your brain that controls hiccups, which are actually twitches of the diaphragm.
  2.   Draw the Line.  Use a cotton swab to gently trace a line down the roof of your mouth.  The resulting tickle stops the spasm in your throat that shuts off your windpipe and causes the telltale “hic!”
  3.   Breathe into a paper bag.  This trick produces carbon dioxide, which doctors believe calms the diaphragm, stopping hiccups.  Try this only when someone else is around, though, in case you get woozy.
  4. Get distracted.  Have someone ask you a nonsense question, (Did you feed the elephant today?) or demand that you hiccup at an exact moment.  There’s no hard proof, but some folks swear that the diversion works.

Health magazine.  June 2006        Hope it helps.