What is my style?

What is my style? How do I describe it? This was a question recently put to me. It’s really not too hard to describe.  I like variation, diversity.  I look for ways to use that in the jewelry I design.  It might be an unusual color, one you don’t see wherever you look, such as fuschia, magenta or teal.  It could be the shape of the bead or a design embedded in it.  It could be a touch of glitter.  I like that.  Then I spread the beads out on the beading form and see how they look.  They may need a touch of a contrasting color, or shape or size.  Or they may need a little help to make their appearance more attractive.  Quite often it takes many choices to arrive at the best result.

I urge others to see what I see, which is something that no one else will have. I want them to wear my jewelry and have someone comment on it, such as “Where did you get that?”

I do make the ordinary type of jewelry because I like it as much as the unusual and I want to share my work with everyone.  My pearl necklaces fall into this category and I am pleased with their appearance.

So, when you see one of my pieces and wonder why I chose to make it, that’s why.  Check out my creations at one, or all, of the following sites.  They have different jewelry items.